Sue Neil

Director of Education

Sue joined Woolgoolga SLSC in the 1985-86 season due to family involvement and completed her first award in 1986. This was the start of a long and rewarding relationship with the Club and led to many other awards in the ensuing years. In 1995 she became the barbecue manager for Junior Activities before becoming the Minute Secretary for the Senior Club. This developed into holding the elected position of Secretary of the Club from 1996, a position which was held for 15 years until 2012. Notably, Sue was inducted as the first female Life Member of Woolgoolga SLSC and currently holds the position of Public Officer.

Sue’s dedication and contribution has extended over many years not just in Club Management but also at Branch level, with the following notable achievements:

  • 1996-2000: Registrar/Secretary of North Coast Branch Board of Control;
  • 2006-2007: Secretary North Coast Branch;
  • 2011-present: Director of Education;
  • 2014-2019: SLSNSW representative on SLSA Education Advisory;
  • Presenter:
    • 2013: SLSNSW Chief Training Officer Conference on Changing Times in Education;
    • 2016: Master Class – Planning for Success. Presented a proposal at the SLSNSW Combined Conference and was subsequently awarded as the winner of the Innovation Incubation challenge.

Sue is a familiar face within the Branch and is well known for spoiling members with her famous brownies at education courses.