Sawtell’s Inclusive Nipper Program

Authored by: Tiffany Easman

Front and centre of Sawtell Nippers are the Green Raptors, Sawtell’s Inclusive Nipper program. The program, now in its second year, runs alongside Sawtell’s regular Nippers and is a multi-age program catering for Nippers with additional needs.

The Green Raptor Nippers are not just participants; they’re contenders, hungry for challenges and fuelled by the thrill of participation. Throughout the adrenaline-packed hour they dive for flags, contest beach sprints, manoeuvre obstacles, respond to signals and learn to balance on boards while catching waves.

As the Raptors chart their course, some aspire to integrate seamlessly into the mainstream program within the few years. Others are there for fun, friendship and exercise. Some are gearing up for the rigorous SRC training, setting their sights on joining a Patrol team!



Woolgoolga Silver Salties

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