Approximately 300 SLSNSW members attended, 21 from North Coast Branch.

We arrived in our Branch shirts, looking very professional. Witnessed a smoking ceremony that nearly was out of control, wondering if the sprinkler system would be activated in the main ballroom.

Dr Vivien Forner presented the volunteer survey results for drivers of Volunteer Satisfaction & Turnover in SLSNSW, completed by 5000+ members across the state. Noted a decrease in volunteering, but not unique to surf lifesaving. Seems the demand for volunteers around the world remains high but there is a reduced supply. It recognised a need to improve the support to volunteers to overcome the decline. The presentation will be sent out in some shape or form, so members can see the responses may be the same as how they feel. This session was followed by Volunteer Satisfaction and Turnover Intention workshop, recognizing 4 drivers of turnover are member satisfaction, autonomy, belonging & trust.

Todd Sampson was a keynote speaker, Brain Power, how you can train the brain to achieve tasks. How to get through the fear to achieve a result. He revisited his Body Hack series & Discovery Science series, Redesign My Brain, to prove anything is possible if you think it through and visualize the problem and solution. Asked us all to use our non-dominant hand to clean our teeth for the next 3 weeks to prove his point.

Evening at dinner saw our branch representatives in again matching shirts, only this time we were reimaging surf lifesaving on the north coast. See photo attached.

Dean Dudley used the De Bono theory in a think tank, tackling club differences & finding solutions across NSW. Some suggestions were very creative, but then, who would have thought a few years ago we could have drones dropping rescue tubes to persons in difficulty.

Louise Cooke presented on Supporting member wellbeing, continuing our journey and Leadership, a whole organization approach.

Community education, released the new package, Engage, Educate, Empower – the new wave in education.

Keynote speaker, Gus Worland, Gotcha4Life, driving force behind mental fitness. He coordinates the 24hour row. happening 11th & 12th September. All monies raised go back into the club hosting.

Addressing Pain Points – strategic projects to support member education. Related to the changes to Certificate II and IV

Our branch representatives witnessed all the sessions; I can only comment on those I attended.

From some of the feedback, north coast enjoyed the experience & we hope that some of the aims are able to be implemented to support the volunteers, maybe not in the too near future, but soon.



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